Esther 7

In Esther 6, the tables were beginning to turn on Haman and is sinister plans for the Jews. 

Remember, things did not look good:  Haman, a man of pretty high power and connection to King Xerxes, decided that because his pride was hurt by Mordecai refusing to bow to him, he’d have Mordecai hung.  (He also planned on harming the Jewish population.)  Queen Esther, a niece of Mordecai, decided to risk her own life by confronting Xerxes, in a respectful way,  about Haman’s plans.

In Chapter 7, Xerxes offers Esther whatever she wants, up to half the kingdom.  He is showing her an amazing amount of favor.  Xerxes’ kingdom was pretty big.  It wasn’t just located in one country.  Imagine being able to take ownership of half of the United States, to do with it whatever you would like.  Instead of taking possessions, though, Esther asked for the lives of her kinsman and the Jews to be spared, as someone with evil intentions (Haman) meant for them to be wiped off the face of the Earth.  (There are still many Haman’s to this day.)

Angered, the king asks who is up to such ill behavior, and Esther points out Haman.  Furious, the king orders Haman’s hanging from the same gallows meant for Mordecai.  Haman begged Esther to spare his life, but she did not respond, and Haman’s begging angered Xerxes even more, causing Haman’s immediate death on those gallows. 

The last two lines in Chapter 7 struck me:  So they hanged Haman on the gallows he had prepared for Mordecai. Then the king’s fury subsided.

I don’t think anything would have made King Xerxes change his mind.  He was absolutely furious.   It is also important to not that this is the wrath that Esther was risking through her actions to try to save Mordecai and the other Jews.

God led her and prepared the way for this time. 

God leads, prepares the way, and shows us favor.  He even uses those who detest Him.  Never doubt the power of God to work through others and behind the scenes.  Also, never doubt God’s power to work in the hearts of our leaders without their knowledge.

It can be done.


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