I’m sad. 

I love Nashville.  I spent the summer there just about two years ago, and I really miss it.

I loved the opportunities for hearing lots of music (love, love music), enjoyed the slower pace, and I really just felt comfortable wherever I went…like I fit.

Sadly, as you may know, Nashville has received unheard of amounts of rain in very little time and has experienced a vast amount of flooding.  I dare say this reminds me of Katrina.  Just as New Orleans, Nashville relies on history, entertainment, tourism, institutions of education and other major employers.  All of those employers rely on what keeps people in the city.  The city’s centers of attraction have been flooded, in some places as much as 10 feet of water (or more).  A lot of people have died, more might be found, and many others will have their lives totally disrupted for a long time.

Below are some pictures I took during my stay in Nashville.  Placed with them, are photos from the flooding for reference.  This is just awful.  When I was there the possibility of a dam in Kentucky breeching was discussed.  The media talked for a few weeks about how much water would come down the Cumberland and how it would flood the downtown and surrounding areas.  Last week, before the storms, I was thinking about that.  I don’t know why, but I was.                   (Click on the photos for a larger view.)

This is an aerial view. The right corner (long building) is the building that housed the condo I rented.

This is the normal view. These guys were up and down the Cumberland all day. If I was on the balcony, they'd wave.

This is downtown. Keep that little red train track looking thing to right in mind.

This photo and the next one are also of downtown.

Across from LP Field.

The following photos are of the downtown area represented in the flooding photos.

This last photo is of the Opry Land Hotel, Grand Ole Opry, and the Opry Mills Mall. I spent most of my time here, having lunch with a friend from Kentucky, going to the movies, shopping, spying out the Gibson guitar factory/store, and watching many performances. There is a museum at the Opry with many artifacts, and while things on Earth are temporary and should be seen in perspective, it is still very sad.

It is important to note that many surrounding communities and counties experienced a lot of damage, too.  Keep them all in your thoughts and prayers.


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