Conversations with Pinboy…

Here are the highlights from the week:

Pinboy:  We have to work that tricep as deep as we can, because your triceps muscles are long.

Me:  Yeah, I have long upper arms, short forearms, small hands, a long torso, and short legs…and I’m 5’10”.

Pinboy:  Yeah, like that Burger King commercial.

Next day. . .

Me:  I think my face is getting fatter.

Pinboy:  Looking dumbfounded…Uh…no.

Me:  Is it in my head? 

Pinboy:  It’s in your head.

Me:  I was one pound lighter after work than I was before work.

Pinboy:  And that was??? 

Me:  (Told him my weight and then told him that two days ago I weighed two pounds less than I do today.)

Pinboy:  Your body is weird.

Oh, and he totally took advantage my inability to convert kg to lbs.  I was lifting 12 kg kettle bells…26 freakin’ pounds!  He had me convinced they were about 15 lbs.


5 thoughts on “Conversations with Pinboy…

  1. NFO
    Hope you get more time home…after your trip.

    There was humor bantered about in those conversations. He just can’t understand with how I eat 90 percent of the time, and how much I exercise, why the pounds don’t fly off…because with any normal person they would. Then, he knows my weight, that I keep losing inches, but no pounds. It is dumbfounding. I have a lot of fluid weight, and I think that’s what the problem is. That is my thyroid. I read somewhere a while back that losing inches, and not by pounds is how hypothyroid folks should measure success. However, I am dangerously obese, and I’m trying really hard not to be.


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