Going to the dogs

Once upon a time, there was a tiny little town, with very little space.  In this tiny little town, with very little space, there were inhabitants who also very tiny, because they had tiny little houses and very little room to grow.

Because the citizens of the tiny town were so different, the outside communities treated the tiny folks as outsiders and not to be bothered with at all.  Being cut off from the outside world can get very lonely, so they tried to think of what they could do for recreation.

Because they were so tiny, when they tried to play softball, they failed.  For them, the ball was as a large a basketball and impossible to toss.   And when you can’t lift the bat with your tiny hands, that kind of puts a damper on things.

So, what to do?  The kiddie pool was too deep for the tiny town’s lifeguard.  Playing the trombone proved problematic.  Even running races hard was out, because the tiny feet on the tiny people found every little crack and divot.

One day, a couple of stray dogs happened to wander into the tiny town.  People were scared.  The dogs towered over them.  However, the dogs just kind of chilled out with the tiny people and paid them no mind.  Besides, the tiny people were kind and gave the dogs food.  The town’s two newest citizens decided that they would stay. 

After a week or so, people started to notice a change in the dogs:  They were shrinking.  The dogs couldn’t fit into the tiny town, as big as they were, and because the tiny folks had tiny meals with tiny leftovers, the dogs only got little scraps to eat.  So they shrunk and shrunk and shrunk.  Even their barks got tinier and sharper.  Within months, the dogs were less than half their original size. 

The townspeople were pleasantly surprised by these events.  Soon, they were teaching the dogs how to do tricks and the communities from the outside came from all around to see the dogs perform their tricks.  The tiny people from the tiny town finally found a recreational pursuit AND it provided interest in their quaint burg.

As time passed, the tiny little outsiders were no longer stared at from afar.  They even gave puppies to visitors who wished to have their own tiny dogs.

And that is how tiny dogs began to inhabit the Earth.

Well, you could believe my story or THIS.


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