One big, fat loser and this week’s caption contest winners…

Want some cheese with that wine?

(Yes, I realize I spelled wine instead of whine.  I can’t get back into the picture to fix it.  Meh.)

Imagine that from a very young age, you begin living your dream—working hard at a sport you love.  You train for hours.  You put aside a lot of the everyday things that most regular kids do.  You do all of this in the pursuit of Olympic gold.  If you are lucky, you get to the Olympics.  If you are the rare talent, you get to medal.  It is an honor.  Not everyone can win, so you handle your defeats graciously, realizing how blessed you are to even be a competitor.

Rewind that to the competitive, happy-to-be-there part.  You lose and only get a lowly silver.  So distraught are you that you decide to sport what you say is a platinum medal.  You think it makes a point that you were robbed by the awful American. 

You say, “How dare the judges not bow to the power that is Russia and realize that an artistically low routine with mondo jumps trumps great jumps and polish?”

Go drown your sorrows in vodka you ungrateful twit.  Oh, and the judges weren’t counting the quad very highly that evening. 

There are people who wish they could walk, let alone compete as you do.  There are people who will not eat tonight, who still live in tents in Haiti and other impoverished areas of the world.

How dare you look at your gift and whine, because you only got a silver.  There are way more important things in life.

Overall, I’ve enjoyed watching the Olympics this year.  Why?  Because most of the atheletes at least give the public face of grace in defeat and accept that they might not have had as good a day as someone else who received the medals.

Selfish jerk.

Go on with your professional career, stay wealthy, and grow up.

You might be a great skater, but that is not the only thing in this world and when you ponder the grand scheme and what truly matters in life.   Skating, medals, and sports for that matter, rate very low.

Silver tarnishes quickly. 

(H/T:  Yahoo)

For some real winners, CLICK HERE to see who won this week’s caption contest!

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