It looks so pretty…

until you open your door to give the birds some bread and your sneaky cat decides to explore the snow, and you have to go outside in your barefeet and nightgown to chase him down.  Luckily, he only got about five feet from the house.  Once he realized he was up to his snout in snow, he looked at me with that stare, “Well, aren’t you going to pick me up, instead of yelling at me?” 

I think I’ll get a birdfeeder and fill it when the weather gets bad.


2 thoughts on “It looks so pretty…

  1. Hee hee…I was reading my facebook from my phone this morning while sitting in bed.. I really and truly laughed out loud. Sorry, but that visual just tickled my funny bone..

  2. I’m just glad it was a modest nightgown. I just happened to see him. He’s a quick little bugger.

    I hope no one saw me. “Hey, that new neighbor is crazy…going outside to feed the birds in her nightgown, with no shoes on her feet.”


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