R.I.P Captain Phil Harris

Captain Phil with his sons Josh and Jake

If you are even a passive fan of the show Deadliest Catch, you know who Captain Phil Harris was.  He was the saltiest captain, the kind of guy you know you better work hard for, or your ears would be blistered.  However, it was also evident that he cared very much about his career, the work his crew did, and most importantly, how much he wanted his sons to do well.   He may have had quite a bark, but he really did seem like a decent guy.

 I must admit, when I have watched the show in the past, I worried about how stressed out the crew and captains became, the elements, and their abuse of their bodies.  Eventually, it caught up with Captain Phil.

 Captain Phil died of complications experienced after having a stroke.  He had recently survived a pulmonary aneurysm and resulting complications.  I remember that he mentioned that his mother had the same thing happen to her.   How truly sad.

 The next time you watch the show, remember his family—both the ones at home and the ones at sea.  He will be missed greatly by them.

 (H/T:  FOX News

This clip is from the show:  Captain Phil is returning to his ship after his  aneurysm.


4 thoughts on “R.I.P Captain Phil Harris

  1. I saw this run across the screen this morning and my heart just hurt for his family. My boys love watching Deadliest Catch, but I am like you, and worry about what a rough life it is for all these men. I have often told my husband that I am glad that he doesn’t do this for a living because it would be a stressful life for the entire family. My heart and prayers go out to his family.

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