Rock on, Dude!

*Knock….kncok….kncok*: “ Fond Du Lac, police…please come to the door.”

Dude: “Uh…what seems to be the problem officers?”

Police: “We have a complaint of loud noises coming from your apartment, sir.”

Dude: “But, I’m just rocking out.”

Police: “Uh…sir, your choice of music denotes loud noise, not ‘rocking out'”.

Dude: “Hey, man, I’m just rocking out and chilling to John Denver. What’s the problem?”

Police: “John Denver at high decibels is noise pollution, sir. That is the problem.”

(H/T: Yahoo)

My only question is, just how does one rock out to John Denver?

(Enjoy the pretty pictures.)


3 thoughts on “Rock on, Dude!

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