Philadelphia Flyers

Dear Mr. Snider,

While I was watching the Flyers’ pre-game show, it was noted that Rod Brind’Amour was asked to give the captain’s “C” to another player:  Staal.  It was also stated that it is believed that a trade to Chicago might be a possibility for Roddy.

I assert that you should bring him back to wear the orange and black.  Why?  You have a lot of young players, some of whom need a bit of discipline and work-ethic.  Don’t get me wrong, they have made a lot of strides since the coaching change, but they need an experienced forward that will model the attributes necessary for a successful hockey team.  He was and still is a class-act, has always exhibited a strong desire to succeed and give all he has, still has steam left in the engine, and he deserves this opportunity.


RT…a fan since she was a wee little lass and especially since her first game, at the age of 12:   Flyers vs. Nordiques, and yes, Bobby Clarke was still a year or two away from retiring.


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