The Blue Mood

Do you find yourself down, today?  Does work, the weather, bills, and all the general craziness in the world got you shaking your head and have you feeling a bit down, less than optimistic?  Yeah, me, too.

There is a name for it, though:  Blue Monday.

To spite the cloud of hrrrumpff that I feel has been hanging over my head, lately, I’ve decided to count my blessings and provide some tips to make you smile.

Five major blessings in my life:
1.  I am gainfully employed.  I am truly grateful for that fact.
2.  I am in general good health and getting better, Lord willing.
3.  Despite current problems, I live in the best country ever!
4.  I have a Lord who loves me, as I am.  He never judges me harshly or runs out of patience with my stupidity.
5.  I have been blessed with a house, without a mortgage, and I still have both of my parents.

Things that will make you smile:
1.  If you have kids, remember holding them for the first time.
2.  Think of something good, no matter how trivial, that happened to you in the past week or so.  (I tend to get really happy when I find a good parking spot.)
3.  If you have a pet, play around with it.  Always makes me smile.
4.  Pray.
5.  Thank God for three things in your life.