Don’t you just love the hilarity that stupid criminals provide? 

The list of stupid:
1.  You are 19-year-old burglar and theif.
2.  Of your suspicion in nine car burglaries, you’ve decided to steal items from an unmarked police car.
3.  While stealing from the police car, you shock yourself with the taser.
4.  When you decide to play with the handcuffs, you handcuff yourself, and you have to call the police to get yourself free.
5.  You were stupid enough to think that the cops would unlock the cuffs, when you did their job for them.

Enjoy jail!  🙂 

(H/T:  UPI)

And for more stupidity among the criminal element, watch these clips:


Kind of a weighty update. . .

These are boxing gloves.  More accurately, they are my training gloves.  I like them A LOT. 


This is my kettle bell.  It is making me stronger.


The scale?  Not my friend.  I’m working on that relationship.  Right now, I’m enjoying getting stronger and having more stamina.

It’s all good and getting danged better.