My special list:  Things I’d rant about if I had the energy. . .

1.  The media’s discussion of how Obama needs to relax on his vacation, but as they state sadly, he must work.  I won’t get into the cost of the trip (not that they shouldn’t have one at all…they should) and the inconvenience created in the lives of residents.  Like I said, I’m too tired.  I want a sno-cone.

2.  Who cares if Allen Iverson wore a Cowboy’s knit cap in Denver the same day the Eagles got plucked by the Cowboy’s?  Seriously.  Now if it was a NY Rangers cap…that would be something different.

3.  I might be picking up my cousin from college in May after his finals.  He is in the suburbs of Chicago.  Do you think there is a Cubs game I can attend, so I can fulfill that life-longish desire to see a game at Wrigley Field?  NO!  No, I will not even check to see if there is a Sox game.  Not interested.

4.  Why does the down-time of the evening go by much faster than the work day?  HUH?

5.  Why does Pinboy insist on making me do jump-squats?  I hate them more than the treadmill.  He almost made me do both during the same training session.  ALMOST.

6.  Crazy people suck.
That is all.

5 thoughts on “Rant

  1. I thought it was only my clock that ran faster in the evening time. It must be a government conspiracy!

    Boo hoo about O having to work on his vacation. At least he GETS a vacation!

  2. He should try to relax on vacation, but realize that POTUS never gets a vacation – until we give him one in 2012. That being said, he completely dropped the ball on the underpants bomber. Go figure.

  3. Deanna
    It’s a communist plot!

    Yeah, that whole “president” thing can cramp a guy’s style.

    Of course I miss you, Les! 🙂


    Thank you…still needing much more.

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