Just some pics

I don’t know how thrilling these are, but this is my first Christmas in my house, so I thought I’d share some things (again, so not that exciting):

This is my favorite Scottish Santa.  I guess he travels via magic bagpipe instead of a sleigh.  Heh.

These are some of the cookies that I made.  There were a bit more on the table. 

This is my Christmas tree.  I haven’t taken a proper picture of it, and I cropped out family members that might not want to be in a photo on a blog.  It turned out pretty, and I was so tired and worn out from everything that I wasn’t able to put up the tree before everyone arrived.  They did it for me.  🙂  I was very, very grateful.


4 thoughts on “Just some pics

  1. Wyatt
    I’m glad to have expanded your waistband. 🙂 Glad the missus liked them, too.

    (I needed a visual change on this place.)

    Thank you!

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