We received close to two feet of snow.


Anyone up for grillin'?

Hmm...that's a lot of snow on my street.

9 thoughts on “Snow

  1. Jeffro
    I think they are done plowing. The plow guy for our street used a smaller utility truck and was able to get really close to the curb, so we’re good, I think. 🙂 However, growing up, we lived on a highly traveled street and the big plows would come through and do exactly as you said. I was the snow shoveler of the family…hated when that happened.

    Don’t hate! 🙂 You not getting your street plowed is just the city realizing they have one more way to “give it” to the public employees. Hope you aren’t completely buried. (A nice neighbor used his snow blower to do the length of our sidewalks. I only had to do my driveway. If I had to do my sidewalk, too, I would not be going to work, tomorrow.)

  2. We’d be dead ducks if we had snow like that here. I can see most of the roofs caving in, power would be out for weeks, there aren’t any snow plows…

    yup, we’d be screwed.

    It’s a pain and a mess I’m sure, but it sure is beautiful. Stay safe & warm, RT.

  3. I’m sure the Philly snowplows would have been to your street, but they were busy clearing the area around the stadium. Stay warm!

  4. Snigs
    We are used to about five to eight inches at most. This is our second biggest storm ever.
    I do sometimes wish I’d moved to the South.


    Only because of the naps afforded me by the shovel fest.

    Mrs. Crankipants
    Luckily, I do not live in Philly and live in the section of my town that gets plowed. I wonder if I have important people on my street. Heh.

    Yep, it will still be pretty white around here. We are supposed to have rain and warmer weather on Christmas, so that will wash away a lot of the ick.
    It was a really good workout, though. 🙂

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