I love wit and good banter.  It makes me giggle and it makes me happy.  I also love old movies, so when those elements are combined, I feel all warm and squishy-happy.

One of my favorite series of old movies are the “Thin Man” movies.  I melt when I watch the chemistry between Nick and Nora.  Like I said, **sigh**.

2 thoughts on “Sigh……..

  1. Those are excellent! Actual face to face conversation is a lost art… especially when kids are involved! Friend of mine’s daughter had 4-5 friends over, they were sitting in the same room TEXTING each other!

  2. Isn’t it ridiculous? Believe it or not, though, my more intelligent kids have noticed this madness, too. They are disturbed by it. One student told me that he/she was at a birthday party and people were just consumed with their texting and not interacting with each other. If I’m out with folks, I might check my cell a couple of times, for about 30 sec., but that’s it. Geesh.

    I got to go out, today, and be around adults, and talk, and eat, and have fun…it was so nice. I don’t know why people just don’t spend more time in the life-giving social interaction. It is a blessing to be around other people, yet some just don’t undersand that at all.

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