Hmmm: edition 1,000,030…

There are two things I hate:

1.  Being clueless about stuff.

2.  Not understanding or knowing what is wrong, because I am clueless.


I never claimed and will never claim to know anything about the workings of a house.  All I remember from when I lived in a house is that my grandmom seemed to call the plumber a few times, the guy who rebuilt our deck (yes, I walked on a rusty nail), the guy who put on the siding, the dudes who poured the cement driveway, and the off-duty cop who threatened to arrest me if I ever tried to jump the fence he installed (to keep me and my dog in the yard).  I didn’t jump that fence for a few years.  Oh, and I even watched my grandpop strip the paint off of a door with a blowtorch.

So, last night, my washer leaked all over the utility room floor…everywhere, filled up half a bucket, even.

So I had a meltdown.  The oddest things give me the meltdowns:  idiots doing 40 in a 50 mph zone, forecasts for ice when I have to drive to school, and when things break…because I cannot fix them.  I want to figure out what is wrong and fix things, but I’m clueless.  As you know, I hate that.

Another reason why I get steamed is because I’m clueless, I feel like some dude is going to take advantage of my cluelessness, do repairs that aren’t necessary, charge a bunch of bucks, and then I will feel stupid and clueless.

We’ll see.  It is probably nothing.  There should be a homeowners class about all theses little things.  That, or I need a man in my life, even if he isn’t handy…he can dial the phone and deal with it.  Ha!

Dads, teach your daughters about this stuff.  Thank you.


6 thoughts on “Hmmm: edition 1,000,030…

  1. Another reason I enjoyed being an only child- my dad was able to teach me these things.

    Awhile back, AA’s washer tore up. She described the problem, I told her to get a new switch for it (the one that the lid pushes down when you shut it), it would cost a whopping $13. She didn’t listen, bought a timer at over $100. That didn’t fix it and of course you can’t return special order parts like that (around here at least). She’d bought the part on credit and when that wasn’t what was wrong with it and the store wouldn’t take it back, she just decided to not pay them.

    Switch : $13
    Timer: $100
    Court costs because the store garnished her wages: $65 plus monthly fee

    Look on her face when I reminded her it was just the timer- priceless. 😉

    As to your problem RT, it’s a new washer, right? If so, then it doesn’t matter what it is, they should “fix” it. Even if it’s something like a loose hose, it shouldn’t have been loose enough to leak this early in its life.

    And there’s always the chance that the repairman will have a nice hiney. 😀

  2. Figures Snigs would zero in on the “important” parts… Plumber’s crack is still plumber’s crack…

    Sounds like one of two things, a busted hose, or the drain is stopped up. Go online to the appliance mfgrs homepage, they should have an FAQ for basic problems, and also a link to certified repair people. I know GE and Maytag both have them, as I’ve used them before.

  3. Thanks you guys. It was my own stupidity and nothing more. 🙂 I’ll keep that information in mind if I need it down the road. Part of my angst is from being clueless about these things. Once I gain some confidence in myself about stuff around the house, I won’t be such an idiot. 🙂

  4. Buy a book on basic home repairs and read it! You’d be surprised at what you’ll pick up, and the things you can do yourself. (For example, taping and mudding drywall is very similar to frosting a cake.)

    Even if there’s a problem down the road and you need to hire someone for the job, you’ll know what needs to be done and they won’t be able to rip you off. Always good to get the phone numbers of repair guys from friends or neighbors who have used (and liked) them.

    Snigsspot is right- I once had an electrician who looked like Sean Connery. I made him coffee every morning!

  5. I have a few good repairman via my dad, and my grandmom used to use them. One also serviced this house, which is nice. I will have to invest in a few books. 🙂 I would love to drywall my garage and put up storage cabinets and shelves in it. That would be pretty sweet. I’d like to resurface the floor in the garage, too. It will be used for storage, so I’d like it to be as user-friendly as possible and get rid of the “garage” look.

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