Tips for the day:

1.  When you put your really dry hands into a tote bag filled with folders and paper, you are bound to get a nice, deep paper cut.

2.  Don’t try to take a contact lens out of an eye that doesn’t contain a contact lens.

3.  Don’t drink a glass of milk before you go to the gym.


Hmmm: edition 1,000,030…

There are two things I hate:

1.  Being clueless about stuff.

2.  Not understanding or knowing what is wrong, because I am clueless.


I never claimed and will never claim to know anything about the workings of a house.  All I remember from when I lived in a house is that my grandmom seemed to call the plumber a few times, the guy who rebuilt our deck (yes, I walked on a rusty nail), the guy who put on the siding, the dudes who poured the cement driveway, and the off-duty cop who threatened to arrest me if I ever tried to jump the fence he installed (to keep me and my dog in the yard).  I didn’t jump that fence for a few years.  Oh, and I even watched my grandpop strip the paint off of a door with a blowtorch.

So, last night, my washer leaked all over the utility room floor…everywhere, filled up half a bucket, even.

So I had a meltdown.  The oddest things give me the meltdowns:  idiots doing 40 in a 50 mph zone, forecasts for ice when I have to drive to school, and when things break…because I cannot fix them.  I want to figure out what is wrong and fix things, but I’m clueless.  As you know, I hate that.

Another reason why I get steamed is because I’m clueless, I feel like some dude is going to take advantage of my cluelessness, do repairs that aren’t necessary, charge a bunch of bucks, and then I will feel stupid and clueless.

We’ll see.  It is probably nothing.  There should be a homeowners class about all theses little things.  That, or I need a man in my life, even if he isn’t handy…he can dial the phone and deal with it.  Ha!

Dads, teach your daughters about this stuff.  Thank you.