Just some thoughts…

So, it has been a while since I actually really wrote something for the blog, eh?  I’ve been really busy with work and feeling kind of not myself, lately.  Not sick, but just not myself.

I’ve been thinking, lately, about gratitude.  I tend to get anxious about some things every now and then:  needs, wants, and desires kinds of things.  A lightbulb usually goes off in my brain and reminds me of how blessed I am and that I am truly grateful for everything I have.

It makes me feel like a horse’s patootie, quite frankly.

There are so many folks in this country and around the world who lack basic necessities.  Depending on the circumstances and the geographic locations, the need varies.  However, I’ve been blessed, by God, to never know what it means to live under an overpass.  I’ve been blessed to not know how it feels to have surgery after surgery; treatment after treatment, like the many children in hospitals around this world.  I also do not know what it is like to fear for my safety because I worship God.

Sometimes I think we have it so easy that many of us take for granted everything our Father in Heaven has done for us, even when we haven’t made a request.  I’d be so lost without everything God has done, especially those things that He did to lay a path for me, so that I’d have “a hope and a future”  (Jeremiah 29:11).
How much better this world would be if more folks gave God His proper place, with a heart of gratitude for all He has done and will do?

I think I need to keep that in mind for myself.

2 thoughts on “Just some thoughts…

  1. What an amazingly appropriate post for the beginning of November and the season of Thanksgiving. But, I think you are so right. Too many people have forgotten. Look at our stores… we skip right over Thanksgiving and go right to Christmas. Not the real meaning of Christmas, but the “gimme” kind of Christmas. Our world needs its “hope and a future.”

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