a ababyThere is a women’s clinic near where I grew up.  The other week, when I was going back and forth from the doctor, I drove by it.  Faithfully, everyday, rain or shine, there are a few people outside praying.  They never confront those going into the clinic, but they stand and pray.

When I was a young teenager, I was shown how an abortion is done.  There are several ways, all of which cause the baby pain, and are a trauma to the mother’s body.  The partial birth abortion wasn’t included, but a discussion of its use in China at the time was presented.

I realize people get themselves into situations in life and they feel like they need to make the choices they do.  I once thought I would have “a decision” to make a long time ago.  While I waited to see if that “decision” was in fact necessary, my first route was to begin looking into adoption options, since I was 3000 miles from home and didn’t want to upset my mother, who was battling lung cancer at the time.  I didn’t start researching those options because I am any better than anyone else faced with those decisions, I did so because I realized what abortion really is.

Again, I understand that many do not feel as I do and that abortions are legal.  I also can’t imagine how desperate the majority of the women are who have them.

That doesn’t change what they are, though.  Thankfully, I wasn’t faced with a hard decision, as it turned out I wasn’t pregnant.  But…think about the women who desperately turn to clinics like Planned Parenthood for options and answers, and get met with someone who has been told to “push” abortions, so that the bottom line is met.  Pondering that for a few minutes will give you an appreciation for THIS WOMAN’S epiphany.

4 thoughts on “Epiphany

  1. The sad part is they will never stop abortions… They will just push them back underground/out of the country (again). One of my high school classmates died from a botched abortion, because she couldn’t afford to go to Mexico and get a ‘legal’ one.

  2. True. That is why I brought up the desperation, which makes those clinics that prey on them so much more disgusting than they already are.

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