Too excited to sleep!

I try to not talk about my love of sports too much.  Why?  Years of being hammered by my teams, because I dared to get up my hopes for their success.

I’m not a “stepford” fan.  I admit when we suck.  I admit that there are idiots who call themselves fans, yet degrade the teams by acting like fools.

But tonight, I’m too excited to sleep.  The Phillies have won the NLCS two years in a row…a World Series appearance two years in a row.  As a Philadelphia sports fan, this is surreal and unimagineable.

The usual ride of a Philly team’s sports season is thus:  a preseason that feels like nothing good will come of the season, a season that usually begins with a bunch of losses or squeakers that end in losses.  A stretch of wins that foster a four-letter word–hope, then the long stretches of losses appear, sometimes we make it to the playoffs, though; actually, we make the respective playoffs quite often if you consider all of the teams, but we choke.  Something just never clicks.

However, this Phillies team is a fun bunch to watch.  For the most part, they are good group of men, with only a possible few exceptions.  I don’t feel the angst going on the April-October ride with them.  Even if they lose.  I always feel like they tried their best (most days) and never left their integrity on the field.

So, watching the Phils, who I have watched since I was still diapers, win the opportunity to go to the World Series for a second year in a row, when before last year I was 11 during the last World Series win, is just sweet.  I don’t watch with an attitude of “If they don’t win, my world is over.”  I watch in appreciation of their talents.  I watch because I like the game.

Good luck, Phillies.  While losing the World Series would be an obvious disappointment, sometimes the fun of the ride is better than just getting to the destination.  Another World Series would be nice, though.  🙂

Just get him to the plate.  Congratulations to NLCS MVP, Ryan Howard.

Just get him to the plate. Congratulations to NLCS MVP, Ryan Howard.


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