A good time

Saturday, I made the trek out to Lancaster, PA to see Christian singer/comedian/speaker Mark Lowry.  He’s a cheeky fellow.  However, within all of his snark, humor, and storytelling, there is profound wisdom.

Leaving his eight-year solo career to rejoin the Gaither Vocal Band, Lowry discussed how interruptions are God’s way of moving us along in life.  He discussed some good and bad interruptions that have led to a deeper relationship with God and God’s movement in his life.

While he discussed his “moments,” I reflected on all of the interruptions and delays in my life, that if they had never occured, the wonderful things I’ve experienced never would have happened.

So, I just wanted to share this as some encouragement to you all.  Sometimes, our wheels jump the track a little bit.  Sometimes, because of our own doing, and other times, because God thought we ought to go in another direction…ultimately, though, both are used to bring us closer to God and to bless us.

If you are facing some type of interruption or unwanted delay in life, stop, be very still, and allow God to speak to your soul.

Hope you all have a great Monday!  🙂


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