I spy a Wyatt and a Deathlok!

Wednesday night I had the pleasure of going to see the Psychedelic Furs with Wyatt, his friends, and their wives (all lovely women, btw).    During the ’80s I was quite a metalhead, but there were bands that peaked my interest from time to time, because they just had a unique sound and a cool vibe about them.  The Furs was one of those bands.  So, when Wyatt told me that the Furs were playing and that Mr. and Mrs. Deathlok would be there…I excitedly asked if I could tag along.  I must be honest, I felt weird asking if I could go, but I was glad that I was welcomed along for the ride.

Several things stood out to me during the evening:

First, I was able to stand for a couple of hours.  A few days before the concert, I realized that I would have to stand for a very long time (I’m slow).  I had not stood that long in five years.  My legs felt strong, but the joints were aching.  However, that was a major victory for me (as was the killer flight of stairs I had to go up to sit down for a little while).

The other thing that struck was that  the crowd was a nice mix of ages.  I honestly expected them to be selling Geritol mixed in prune juice, but there were young folks, middle of the road folks like me, and some older folks.  The crowd was pretty well-behaved, too.  I’m not used that at a rock show.

Then there were the opening bands:  The first one featured grown men wearing jeans from the Target young boys section.  Too small and tight.  I don’t like being able to know what religion a guy is…if you get my drift.  They had pretty catchy tunes, though.  The second band, The Happy Mondays, was an artsy, rockish/’80s group.  The singer was all about ‘tude.  He stood pretty much in a singular spot the entire set with shades and leather jacket on, while his cohort and possibly main-squeeze sang atmospheric vocals and handled the stage presence.   Their bass had a lot of distortion and, honestly, it was a distraction and it was hard to understand their vocals.  Usually, that is the sound-guy’s fault, though.  They were all about the “art”.  So, uh….yeah.   This is the band.  Good luck!  (Apparently, they’ve been around a really long time, in various forms.)  I felt a bit of a creep factor.

Finally, what we all had been waiting for, the Psychedelic Furs hit the stage.  I was very impressed by a couple of things:  quality and tightness of musicianship and the great vocals by Richard Butler.  I also found myself really finding great enjoyment in watching Butler enjoy his time on the stage.  A lot of musicians are stuck on moody or arrogant, that they forget that they are supposed to be having fun.  Butler had fun and enjoyed the crowd’s responsiveness to him.  (Not sure he liked Wyatt making goo-goo eyes at him, though.)  Speaking of which, I sat upstairs for a little bit, and while up in the balcony, I spied a Wyatt and a Deathlok:

Hmmm...lower left...I can see 'em.

Hmmm...lower left...I can see 'em.

The best part of the evening was seeing the exuberance of Deathlok and company when they secured this particular autograph in a book about the Furs.  Apparently, it is all lies.  Heh.

That is a Philadelphia street.  No RT's were harmed in the taking of this picture.

That is a Philadelphia street. No RT's were harmed in the taking of this picture.

I don’t get out much, and I’ve had about 8 hours sleep and 10 cups of coffee the past couple of days, because of the concert and work-related responsibilities.  However, this was truly worth the sleeplessness.  If the Furs come to a city near you, go.  They were great!

2 thoughts on “I spy a Wyatt and a Deathlok!

  1. John Lennon might want to peck a fight with Vinnie. 🙂 I sincerely thank you all for allowing a newbie to come along, and I was really impressed with the band.

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