Caption Contest

It is that time again!  You know the drill.  Have a great a weekend!!!!!   🙂

a acap

3.  Maggie Mama
All we got was chump change!

2.  Rodney  Dill
“We had Obama’s help… Dang I wish we woulda won something…”
“Well Obama’s only been in office a short time… What could he possibly have won?”

This week’s winner is. . .
1.  John D
Barack Obama got the Nobel Peace Prize, and all Chicago got were these crummy T-shirts.

Cowboy Blob

Family Security Matters

Military Times

Rodney Dill


10 thoughts on “Caption Contest

  1. Young man thought bubble: “Nobody knows the trouble I’ve seen; nobody knows my sorrow”.

    Caption: Apparently this young man, a close friend of Obama, was owner of several downtown parcels scheduled to become the “Olympic Village.”

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  3. I think de gonna give em dat No-Bell peace prize,stead of dem games,so dont you fret son,we still gonna get plenty of attention.

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  5. Thanks, RT. I now know he’s just sad cause you’re so blue … we are too! I think I told you last year that autumn is just the worst time to diet … when the cold temps hit your body screams “beef up”, “beef up”. Try adding some “healthly fats” to your day … just a piece of avocado with your lunch or for snack.

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