Not your grandmother’s ginsu.

a asammWhen I was in college, I observed my college classmates.  I was someone who was about 30, living among them, and wondering where the heck they placed their brain cells sometimes.

I had some colorful acquaintances that like to create homemade (harmless) pyrotechnics, so that they could hear things go “bang”.  These same friends would jump into a grocery cart and go flying down stairs to see what happened….sober.

So, it would not surprise me at all that a college student has a samurai sword and knows how to use it (probably by learning to re-enact scenes from Kill Bill).

Such was the case with a student at Johns Hopkins University:

Baltimore, Maryland, police received a phone call shortly before 1:30 a.m. Tuesday about a suspicious person, and an off-duty officer arrived at the scene with campus security, city police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi said.

When authorities arrived, they heard calls for help and for police, he said. They discovered a suspected burglar with a severed left hand and severe lacerations to his upper body, Guglielmi said.

The suspect died at the scene, he said.

The man had entered a home where several Johns Hopkins students lived, Guglielmi said. Four students, one armed with a samurai sword, had confronted the suspect in the garage.

The man “lunged” at the students, and the student with the sword defended himself, severing the man’s left hand and cutting his upper body, Guglielmi said.

Police did not release the name of the suspect, who Guglielmi said had a long criminal history, or that of the student.
(H/T:   CNN)

While the authorities are determining whether or not the student will face charges (which he probably won’t and shouldn’t), it should be noted that the article states the criminal had been released from prison Saturday.  Well, he was an ambitious idiot.  Hope those laptops and PlayStation were worth losing your life over.

I’d ask what goes through people’s minds to commit crimes, but I know I’d only hear the crickets chirping.

I’m glad the student was armed.


6 thoughts on “Not your grandmother’s ginsu.

  1. Thankfully, most criminals are stupid. And to make matters more amusing, many are so stupid that they don’t realize they’re stupid. In fact, some of the dumbest ones actually fancy themselves criminal masterminds.

    Unfortunately, stupidity doesn’t preclude dangerousness. I’m glad to hear that this toad was put down before he could hurt anyone else.

  2. It’s the chance that you take when you break into someone’s home. You may walk away with a flat screen TV, or not at all.

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  4. John D
    Yeah, I’ve seen the folks that think they are geniuses of the underworld. Their stupidity is hilarious.


    Mrs. Crankipants
    It is interesting to “see” the intimidators become the thumped.

    Flashlights? 😉

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