Just a day of stuff

Just thought I’d share:

I put decorations on my front door.  Yeah, I know they are meant for door knobs, but whatever.

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Went to a farmers market.  I bought some yummy veggies and had a pulled pork sammie.  The sauce had a lot of hot sauce in it.  That was different.  My favorite type of pulled pork is the type found in North Carolina (Raleigh area).  I also had a $4 cup of ice tea sweetened with mango.  It was tasty, and I was glad to have it, because of the hot sauce.

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A cover band of sorts played some country music.  Somehow, a band playing in my neck of the woods had someone in it named “Tex”.  That tickled my funny-bone.

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While I was out, I had every intention of cooking fajitas and Spanish rice for dinner.  I even bought some produce at the farmers market for that reason.  However, I was in a sappy, melancholy mood, and by time I finished all of my errands for the day, I didn’t much feel like cooking, so I took my mom out to dinner.  The food was great (never been to this place), and I had rice pudding for dessert.  I have distinct memories of my Grandpop’s rice pudding.  He had a small restaurant and I ate that pudding quite often.  Ever since, though, I haven’t had pudding as good as his EVER.  I’ve tried to make it, my mom has tried, and if I ever get it anywhere else, it just isn’t like my Grandpop’s.  Until today.  Danged if that rice pudding didn’t taste exactly like my Grandpop’s.  My mom had some and she agreed.  It almost brought tears to my eyes.  I miss my Grandpop Smith. (He died when I was six or seven.)

When we got home, we saw that we have some cat food thieves living with us.  I think the orange one did this, but he’s not talking.

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