An announcement

I’m tired.

I’m tired of politics.  We all have our views, and we aren’t going to persuade anyone of our own, unless we are already in agreement.  I’m tired of each side stereotyping each other.  I’m tired of being anxious over things I cannot control.

Even though I sincerely and earnestly disagree with our president’s policies and agenda (moreso, with whom he surrounds himself ), he is a man in the office that is afforded a certain amount of respect.  As a Christian, I am uncomfortable taking shots.  Hopefully, you’ve noticed that recently.

I don’t think we should have universal healthcare, but we should help those in need.

I don’t like what Congress is doing, and if they mess up enough, they will be voted out of office.  There is plenty of idiotic behavior and hypocrisy to go around on both sides of the aisle.  They are so polarized, because we have become so polarized.  They are a reflection of us if you really think about it.

Statewide, I won’t be voting for my governor.  Not because he is not of the same party as me, but because he has done absolutely nothing but occupy space in his office.  If he’d done a good job, then I’d probably vote for him.  I don’t just vote party lines mindlessly like folks on both sides do.

Honestly, if folks on either side aren’t doing their jobs, they should be ousted.

So, I don’t think I’ll be talking politics here anymore.  I’ll just make my voice heard at the ballot box.

I’ve been doing some thinking about my relationship with God, too.  While it has improved vastly, and over the past five years I’ve grown more than ever, it needs to be better.  Engaging in matters that don’t glorify Him stab me in heart.  I don’t know how to explain it, but it does. I just feel that “nudge” more these days.  (Some of you know what I mean.)

I’m far from perfect and will never be perfect.  But, I’d like for folks to call me a godly woman over a good conservative, any day.  I’d like for people to see the love I have to share with them as an extension of God’s love for them, rather than see me as a stereotype of a right-winger.

So, when you visit the blog from now on, you might see a little more about God and little more clean humor, and hopefully, after you’ve visited, you’ll feel better than when you clicked on my link.

I hope you all continue to visit.  I just think that God is more concerned with how I serve Him than what I have to say about political things.  He obviously has that call on others, but not me.




6 thoughts on “An announcement

  1. Why should you be apologizing for not blogging about politics? It’s a dirty, filthy business – and declaring yourself above the fray is hardly a reason to feel like you are letting us down by not blogging about it.

    You have to enjoy what you write, or blogging becomes an obligation to some arbitrary and ephemeral standard rather than a means of self expression. I check in on you because you are my friend. I like to see what tickles your funny bone, and what trips your trigger. Personally, I’m already aware of your politics – we agree on most things, and I’d venture to say your “regulars” all know you find the subject mostly distasteful already.

    So don’t think your lack of political “coverage” is gonna chase me away due to a perceived lack of content. Your free ice cream was never flavored that way anyhow, and you have to do what you feel is best. Your ethics are part of why I’m glad to claim you as a pal, and this is further proof I was right.

  2. I don’t blame you one bit, RT. Even though I’m a political/news junkie, I’ve made it a point to avoid politics on my blog. Too polarizing. Besides, it’s nice to have a place of refuge from all the B.S. that goes along with modern political “debate.”

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