Sunday Song

Matthew 7:7
Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.

Often when I see “rock stars,” I pray for them.  On a much smaller scale, I’ve seen, up close, what musicians go through and a lot of the struggles they face.  Everything they do comes from a highly personal place, usually out of pain or observation, and more times than not, their talent is rejected for some reason or another, even if they are considered “successful” musicians.

When I go to concerts, I tear up, because of the path they have taken to get where they are.  It was hard fought.

So, when I pray, I usually just pray for them to see and know God.  He is truly the only One that can bring any of us peace and provide any sense to what goes on around us.

When a musician (especially a metal one) becomes a believer in Christ, it makes me happier than I can explain.  Having lived in that darker area of life, I know the power of that conversion.

A few years ago, Brian Welch of Korn left his band, at its height, sobered up, and became a believer in Christ.  When I hear news like this it gives me hope for others to come to know Christ.  It is my hope that their fans come to know Christ through their conversions.  As I was reading up on Welch, I saw that a former bandmate of his (Fieldy), from Korn, has since become a believer, too…partly, because of Welch’s testimony, but also because of his own father’s influence.

We should never doubt God’s power to save and redeem or reclaim his prodigals.  Never.

This is Welch’s testimony.

Brain Welch–“Love”


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