Copycats beware!

a afHolding students accountable is a teacher’s dream, and not in the sadistic way that you may think we feel about students’ grades.

For years, teachers and professors have had to play a “game” with their students.  Some students do everything they can to cheat and plagairize their way through school.  I see it all of the time.  In fact, I use an anti-plaigairism software.  It has caught students dead-to-rights, and they still have the nerve to try to get out of trouble; their parents often ask for extra work, so that the grade isn’t imapcted by the zero I’ve given.  (I am able to catch students without the software, but it is less time consuming for me to use it.)

All of what you just read brings me to something I saw, today:  Simon Fraser University, in British Columbia, has created a new grade to note academic dishonesty (mainly for repeat offenders).

In coming up with the FD grade, Simon Fraser officials based it on a three-year probe made by the Senate Committee on Academic Integrity in Student Learning and Evaluation. A series of cheating incidents led to the creation of a university task force on academic dishonesty and integrity issues.

Gordon explained in a statement, “The idea was to create a fair, consistent and effective policy on academic integrity matters across the university that would be enthusiastically embraced by students, faculty and administrators alike and that mirrored a zero-tolerance approach both in theory and practice.”
(H/T:  Wayodd)

Some kids make honest mistakes in their citations (or lack thereof).  However, there are many students who have no shame in taking every shortcut they can to get through a course.  It is all about the grade and not working toward a true education of the mind.


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