What? No Sunday Song?

I feel like a dweeb.  I got so distracted by the housewarming, today, that I totally zonked out last night and never got a Sunday Song together.

However, I would like to express that I am just very blessed to have the family I have.  We had an awesome time, today.  I’m pretty worn out (have a sinus infection and temperature on top of it all) and instead of slapping together a Sunday Song without real thought put into it, I’ve decided that I would rather not do one.  It is the one post that I really give a bit of thought.

So, here are some pics.  I’m not posting too many of my family, as I want to protect their privacy.

This is Buster surveying the laughter and lots of talking.  (There were several of us taking this picture.  He posed nicely.)

a a8

This is my dad, enjoying the day.  I think he had a really good time. (Formal living room…obviously not done, yet.)

a a10

This is the grub table…demolished.  I made an awesome tortellini salad, and my mom made her famous cole slaw and a very delicious potato salad.

a a9

This is the food waiting to be grilled.  My aunt and cousin kind of took the grill by the horns.  I learned some things, but they were very helpful.  (I think my aunt was really hungry and tired of waiting for me to get around to the grilling.  Heh.)

a a11


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