Working in the yard.

The past week, I have been staring down my arch enemy…ivy.  I hate it.  It looks pretty on cottages, but it is a destructive bugger.  Thus, the day had come for me to arm myself with my hedge clippers, tree pruner (the type that clips, not saws), and my little rake.  I chose to do this after I had shopped in various stores for Sunday’s barbecue. . .four hours of shopping.  But, three hours and two twenty-minute breaks later, I managed to get rid of all of the ivy and got the holly bush to a height I can manage until I remove it in the spring.  I also cleared the bottom as well as I could, because it is blocking a downspout.

Here is the holly bush.  It went up/slightly past the gutter on the back of my garage.  The ivy was beginning to cover a third of the gutter.  It was also taking up about a quarter of the side of the garage, at the top, down to the middle.  It wasn’t invasive enough for me to worry about pulling it off of the garage.

a abrush3

Here is the pile of debris.

a abrush1

And here are the cats watching me on one of my breaks.

a abrush2

The payment for my three hours of hard work was the dinner my mom made for me.  Sweet!

a abrush4


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