Just some stuff

While I take a break from killing an obnoxious holly bush infiltrated by an equally obnoxious vine thing that wants to cling to my garage, I will share some non-important stuff with you.

This is my lunch.  It was yummy:  Spring mix, a red pepper (not the hot kind), kalamata olives stuffed with garlic, sunflower seeds, and some avocado.  I just need to remember that new knives are really sharp.   My now bloodied and cut finger wishes I would have remembered that gem.

a alunch

This is Buster trying to break into the lazy Susan to go for a spin.  I can’t believe I have to childproof my house because of a cat.  He is curious when it comes to cabinets.

a acat

Oh, and it took three hours, and until after I had returned home from the gym, to realize that my shirt was on inside out, with the size tag for all to see.  Meh.  Rough morning.


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