Can you hear us, now?

Apparently not.


5 thoughts on “Can you hear us, now?

  1. Someone from the audience call out that she was rude, and supposedly on her way out of the townhall, Jackson Lee went up to the woman and said “I am not rude”.

    Ok, you’re not rude, Jackson Lee, but you are a mean-spirited arrogrant Bi-ch. How does that grab ya!

  2. NFO
    It also insults her office, and shows that she doesn’t respect the role GIVEN to her by the public.

    Maggie Mama
    Personally, I just always thought she was arrogant and used it to cover up her inability to be an effective leader. (Usually, people who have the biggest egos are the ones who have the most flaws and inadequacies to cover up.)

    John D
    Too many people vote for people for the wrong reasons. They don’t know how to look at someone and truly listen to what is being said (or not said). I might be a member of one party, but that doesn’t mean I don’t judge every word I hear coming out of a politician, despite party affiliation.

    Maybe this is God’s way of shaking things up when it is needed most. November brings elections.

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