John Hughes, R.I.P.

a ajohn

The man responsible for many of the trends and the fun memories of my teen years has died.

John Hughes, who so aptly portrayed (with some hyperbole) the angst of ’80s teens passed away today while going for a walk.

I’m sure his family is devastated, as are his friends.

One of my favorites is The Breakfast Club.

A few years ago, during Saturday suspension, another teacher and I relished in the fact that we are now like Principal Vernon.  Heh.  Well, minus the paper hanging out of the back of the suit.

(H/T:  Yahoo)


One thought on “John Hughes, R.I.P.

  1. An article at Big Hollywood said Hughes was the Frank Capra of our time. I think they nailed it. This is one Hollywood celebrity I’ll miss, and deserves any accolades given in memoriam, unlike a certain weirdo.

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