I hope people wake up.

a aob

Photo  (H/T:  Newsbusters)

How’s the hope change thing working for y’all?

I cannot believe that people actually think that government knows best.  Fools.

(H/T:  Drudge)

Yes, there needs to be a safety net for folks who find themselves unemployed.  We also need to not allow insurance companines to deny coverage; however, we DO NOT need the governement taking over the entire system.  It doesn’t work in Canada and it doesn’t work in Britain.  It also doesn’t work anywhere else, unless you never get ill, that is.


5 thoughts on “I hope people wake up.

  1. They won’t. They won’t, even while they wait and wait and wait to see the doctor for pneumonia or the likes. They’ll just find a new place to point the finger. The ones under the spell of Teh One think anything he spouts is the only way and if he came right out and straight forward said, “Screw you America!”, they would think it meant everyone but them.

  2. “How’s the hope change thing working for y’all?”

    It works like this; I HOPE that the CHANGE the O and his cronies bring us doesn’t permanently screw up our country.

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