We had another round of bad storms early this evening.  However, when things settled down, there was a lovely sunset.  When I saw it, I decided it would be nice to share the view with you.  Of course, there was a screen in the way, so I moved it, and then my cat Jaws ran out onto the deck.  He came back in…after I chased him around the deck in my nightgown.  I hope none of the neighbors saw it.  HA!

a aback

I’m looking at paint, since I’d like to paint my kitchen…anyone want to help do the painting?  🙂


3 thoughts on “Ahhhhhh….

  1. NFO
    Hmm…don’t think I want to be “that” neighbor. HA!

    That was beautiful! The one thing I really like about my deck is that it faces west. 🙂 Pretty sunsets and my bedroom is facing east…wake up with the sun (on the days I don’t have to be at work).

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