a ahead1.  3,000 donkeys drafted in for Afghan polls
I guess they’ve paid a visit to Philly and Chicago during election season.

2. Wicked witch wanted: must cackle and like cats
Well, I guess it is a hard casting call with Pelosi busy destroying our country.

3.  Putin’s hard man image targeted by spoof web song
Why am I now reminded of THIS?

4.  Detroit man says stress led him to rob banks
Gee, I don’t know.  Stress tends to lead me to cuss, exercise, eat, and/or pray.  Never thought of robbing a bank.

5.  Utah boy, 7, goes for spin to avoid church
I never could find an excuse big enough (unless I was truly ill)…stealing a car to avoid church surely breaks a commandment or two.

If you would like to see the winners of this week’s caption contest, CLICK HERE.


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