So yesterday…

I got to drive a 17 foot truck.  I have to say, aside from not having a rearview mirror (scary) and not being able to back into a parking spot, I kind of liked driving it.  The moving helpers I hired were awesome, btw.

a ab1

Then I went and bought some flowers.  Some need a little help, but that’s why I bought them.  (I went to another store to buy accent pillows and a runner for my dresser, but I’ll spare you the pics.)

a ab2

a ab4a ab5a ab3a ab7

Then I napped for a couple of hours.  When I  woke up, I saw that my mom was being swallowed up by the chair.  She escaped.  🙂

a ab6


8 thoughts on “So yesterday…

  1. jrofop
    Thank you. I hope it all goes well, too.

    I love it, too. It has been a little too hot to be out on it, though. My dad brought over the nicest wind chimes that we hung out next to the deck, today.

    Yeah, about that…(Gonna have the kid across the street do it. Well, if I get a chance to tell him I’ve decided to hire him for the job.)

    It will make sick days more enjoyable, that is for sure.

    Yes, He has, and I keep thanking Him…a lot. 🙂

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