ponderI was out to lunch with my dad yesterday and I was “observing” an elderly couple.  You know how you see those couples who have been together forever?  They melt your heart, don’t they?  Well, this couple was more of the McBickerson type.  The man was very rude and verbally abusive toward his wife.  She seemed to provoke him, but perhaps only in his mind.

It made me wonder if they have ever stopped to think of how lucky they are to have each other in the first place?

It all boils down to decency and respect.  I saw little.  I dare say neither of them has read what the Bible has to say about relationships.

I have a habit of wondering how and why people treat each other the way they do.  I used to be a very cold and miserable person.  I didn’t like or trust anyone and would usually be pretty quick to judge and just keep folks at arms length, at least emotionally.  Sometimes I think the isolation and “aloneness” I experience are the consequences for my actions.

Over time, though, I changed.  I changed because I gave my heart back to God.  And even though I deal with the aforementioned isolation and aloneness, I’ve learned a lot.

Which makes me think about those two older folks.  I’ve been learning how important loving others is.  I’ve been learning how important and precious accepting the love of others is, too.  I think that is the hardest for me, because of the trust issues.

I have also learned that so much time is wasted on judging and finding fault.  Nit-picking does nothing and the “power-plays” so often found in relationships containing the nit-picking and bickering smother the goodness that could be found.  I wonder how alone those two folks I observed feel because of that darkness in their relationship.

These days I appreciate my family and friends more, and it makes me want to just let any petty thoughts I have just slip into nothingness where they belong.


4 thoughts on “Hmmm…

  1. While I couldn’t stand it, some folks actually appear to like living like that RT. I had an aunt & uncle that constantly verbally fought. They had 14 kids (so apparently they enjoyed time together occasionally at least) and both would admit they couldn’t take life without the other readily.

    I’m thinking they died within 10 weeks of each other, so I guess they were telling the truth. Old married folks know each other better than anyone else knows them…maybe they know the real meaning behind the crap the rest of us hear.

  2. Snigs
    I know that to be true, as I saw it within my own family. However, this guy was speaking down to his wife and threatening to leave her at the restaurant. I seriously wanted to go over and tell him “what for”. I hope somewhere within themselves they love each other, because that would be a mighty miserable existence.

    Thank you. 🙂

    I’d rather not have the bitterness and drama. Doesn’t sound like fun to me.

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