Some updates

adaisy31.  We are still getting the apartment together for a junk hauler and the moving helpers.

2.  Why do I own so much needless crap?

3.  I will be throwing all needless crap in a landfill via a junk guy…Al Gore and tree huggers be danged.

4.  My literal pain-in-the-butt from falling down my stairs is healing.  I even went to the gym today and handled a slightly lighter workout pretty well.  I think it helped, to be honest.  Pinboy just shook his head when I told him. I still burned almost 400 calories in  a half an hour.

5.  I’m tired/wired.  I’ll be working on the apartment all week, so I probably won’t provide a list of winners for the caption contest until Friday.

6.  My cats are wrestling on the hardwood floors on the second floor of my house.  FUNNY!

Okay, I’m done my list.


5 thoughts on “Some updates

  1. We made a lot of progress today thanks to my aunt and cousin. We needed a couple of extra hands. By this time next week, we should be pretty much done.

  2. “Why do I own so much needless crap?”

    You too? Don’t worry, you’ll have even more needless crap before you’re done.

    “A house is just a place to keep your stuff while you go out and get more stuff.”

    -George Carlin

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