Funny thing happened on my way to my family room…

I fell down the steps and sprained my butt.  I don’t think it is my tailbone, but I am walking like an old lady.  Meh.


8 thoughts on “Funny thing happened on my way to my family room…

  1. As someone who completely broke the end of her tailbone off bouncing down some cement steps, I say OUCH! If you feel it pop at some later point over the next few days, get yourself to the doc, RT.

  2. I’m just really sore. Luckily, the steps were uber-carpeted (covering wood). Just sucks, because there is still so much work to do in the apartment and I won’t be able to do any heavy lifting. (Pinboy is going to love this come Monday.)

  3. TAJ
    See..I don’t have kids to embarrass, and I did plenty of that to my parents when I was wild teenager. Heh.

    I felt a lot better this morning. I still ache, but nowhere near as bad as last night. I was worried, actually. I’m still sore, but it is muscle. I can stand with no pain. Getting up and reaching over for stuff hurts, so I will just be careful. As for tired…I suffer from fatigue every now and then, but I don’t feel like I have a concussion. I didn’t hit my head. (Thank goodness.) I have post-concussion syndrome from a really bad car accident many years ago, so a hit on the head could spell lots of issues. I’ll just have to take it easy when I go back to the gym Monday. I haven’t been there for two weeks, too.

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