Caption Contest

Folks…I’m still moving and dealing with packing and unpacking.  I haven’t had any real time to give thought to caption contest winners for last week’s cocntest.  However, I will do so tomorrow (Friday) night.  Here’s this week’s photo.  I will post winners Tuesday evening…I hope.

To see the winners of last week’s caption contest, CLICK HERE.

Texting Championship

THE WINNERS!!!!!!!!!
3.  Wyatt Earp
“So then, these three bears came home, and were like, ‘Get out of my bed’ and stuff, and I was like, ‘Oh my God . . . ‘”

2.  Deathlok
Kelli won the texting competition with the following entry:

hfk kld24 nhdlb kgdop; ppws8 fhe bff pdq lwdhg sol fqp37d dfcahfi lsui sfhwo oshfkds jalkdfjderhgu odhsdk i hjdsdoi iagadk kgdgaoi 39y3n gugj

When questioned as to what it meant, Kelli replied, “If you don’t get it, U R A Luz3r”

This week’s winner is. . .
1.  Rodney Dill
…with the new Twitter compatible app — iTwit

Cowboy Blob

Family Security Matters

Rodney Dill