So, I was thinking…

Don't ask why I picked this one.  I needed to see me skinny and blonde, I guess.

Don't ask why I picked this one. I needed to see me skinny and blonde, I guess.

I hate when I can’t sleep.

I turned off the television, the laptop, and was content to allow the thunderstorm to put me to sleep (was nodding off to begin with), and then blammo, I was and am wide awake.  Well, except for one still having issues with opening all of the way.

I can’t wait until I move.  I won’t have to use a fan to keep cool and I’ll be able to breathe.  I have dust issues.  Believe me when I say that this whole stinking apartment is one, big dust issue.

I was watching Jack LaLane, yesterday.  He’s 90 and has more energy in his pinky than I do in my big toe.  Or something like that.  I wonder if I buy his juicer (which I might do, now that I have counter space) if I’ll be as energetic.  I was thinking of juicing things, freezing the juice in ice cube trays, and then using the cubes to make my smoothies.  There are so many fruits that don’t come frozen that I’d like to use.  Maybe I’ll just go on a most-of-the-day liquid diet.  For breakfast I’ll have a smoothie and a protein, eat a normal lunch, and have a nice cold glass of vegetable juice and some protein.

I’m going window-shoppping for furniture today.  Tomorrow, the furniture will be purchased after I’ve had a little time to figure out the cost and what I’d really like or need to have.  I’m leaning toward a pretty reddish color for the formal living room.  It will go nicely with the colors that exist already (golds, tans, stone, hardwood floors).  It’s a queen sleeper sofa and loveseat that’s on sale.  It is a good price for something that won’t get used often and I won’t have to put a bed in the guest room right away.

Stupid fan and stuffed up nose with itchy eyes caused by stupid fan.

Ohhhhhhhh….I passed a corner produce stand with lots of pretty flowers down the street from my new house, today.  I won’t be doing any gardening this year, but the potted plants and hanging baskets I saw will look nice on the deck.  I’m going to get spider plants and stuff for inside the house…good for the air.  Could use that right now, sniffle sniffle.

I think I’ll stop my rambling, now.  🙂


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