I could be a bazillionaire!

My skills are needed overseas, folks!  Well, if I didn’t have a hearty sensitivity to soy and soy-based products I could go.

My cousin sent me this link via my Facebook wall.  Here are some of my favorites.  (Be sure to click to see them.)

I’m not sure I want to eat at this restaurant.

a arest

Now, I know, from experience, that not all languages utilize articles in the structure of their sentences.  However, reading this will show you the importance of “a,” “an,” and “the”.

a arest1

..  .– — -. -.. . .-. .. ..-. — .. -.-. -.- . -.– .– .- … .- .– .– ..— … .–. -.–

a arest2

And in keeping with the funny…


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