You ever get that bloated, “I-ate-too-much,” and my belly hurts feeling?  Yeah, I think Bussie felt that way, yesterday.  That is a speck of food on his tummy.  (I’m trying to teach myself Photoshop.  Hopefully, I’ll get better.)

Here are my efforts at erasing and painting.  The magic wand and other thingy were a bit frustrating.

a abussy_edited-1

a abussy_edited-2


4 thoughts on “Soooo….

  1. A friend of mine who uses photoshop says that there is something called “soften edges” (I think that’s what she said it was called) that’s useful when you do what you’re doing RT.

    I don’t know, I’m cheap and use ’cause it was free.

    Your kitty is a plump fella for sure. Fat kitties are happy kitties!

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