a aangrySo, when you buy a car, a house, join a health club, or get a cell phone plan, you read the fine print…the contract, right?  After all, you don’t want to be surprised when that $25 charge per month for the first year of whatever turns into $125, thereafter.

Well, yet again, Congress has seen fit to not read legislation before it is passed, especially after changes were made to an original document.

Consequently, Republican or Democrat, if you are representing NJ, and it comes time to vote for you…I’m voting AGAINST you.  I don’t care who you are.

Yes, I contacted my representative about the cap and trade BS.  Yes, I’m now wondering what I will have to give up to keep driving to my job.  I already pay around $2,000 per school year (36 weeks) for gas.  Last year, when the cost of gas was more, I paid closer to $3,000.  Living in NJ prohibits my ability to live in or near my school district.  Costs are too high.  For example, the house my dad has bought for me (so blessed…beyond blessed), would be a major fixer-upper price near where I teach and the property taxes would be $2,000 +/- a year more.  Not to mention that it is more congested and crowded up there, along with a quality of life that is lacking.

So…there is also the impact on the regular folk:  rising costs for industry and such = rising costs for us.

That’s just my simpleton view on it, but you know we are always the ones that bear the brunt of “costs”.  And yes, I read up on this a bit:  some opinion from both sides and some non-partisan commentary and reports.

So tired of all the B.S.  Does Washington realize that all of the rules they make have consequences?  We are not of unlimited funds.  Our bosses won’t give us raises so that we can afford to live in a government-standing-on-your-throat society.

Meanwhile….Nancy-poo flies back and forth from Cali in a huge plane.  All I do is go to work in my 4 cyl. car, use reusable bags, sit in a dark apartment (except for my computer and TV), use lukewarm showers instead of hot, and wash my clothes in cold water.  Wonder how many of the folks who voted for this do the same.

They could have at least read the legislation and debated it…or had open committee on it.

Maybe I’m just done voting, period.

5 thoughts on “RANT

  1. Dude! Good rant. But don’t stop voting. If smart people stop voling, you know who that leaves? Activists and the morons they round up and bus to the polls. Hang in there…

  2. It’s only a year and a few months until we vote for congresscritters again, isn’t it?

    Anyway, our rep for this area voted the right way, even if 4 Atlantans voted the opposite. Those 4 would have voted for anything Obama threw on the table though.

  3. In NJ 2010 won’t really matter. I think that is what bothers me the most. People just mindlessly vote the same way over and over, without question. I might be registered in one party, but that doesn’t mean I vote exclusively for that party and the party line. I wish people would just start using their brains and that Congress would stop acting like petulant little children. Grow up, behave like adults, read things before you sign off on them, and think about the folks who voted for you, before yourselves and your re-election bids.

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