Whatever I want Wednesday

I couldn’t make up my mind this week.  I love John Waite’s voice.  Oddly, I don’t like his biggest hits.  However, I do love these two songs and couldn’t choose between them.

“Isn’t it Time”–The Babys (Yes, that’s how it is spelled.)

“Change”–John Waite

4 thoughts on “Whatever I want Wednesday

  1. I remember driving to Ft. Worth to see a 3 band oncert on Friday the 13th, 1979. Legs Diamond (they have a website but I never heard of them again!), The Babys and ALICE COOPER (Madhouse Rock Tour). We bought Head First on the way to the concert to know a little about their music. Just a few years ago I got to see John again, this time sandwiched between Peter Frampton and Journey (I was so hoping that Jonathan Caine and John would jam together!). Great music.


  2. JohnD
    I was about 10 when they hit, so I only remember what I heard on the radio (and MTV a few years later). My friends had posters of them and Angel, though.

    Quite a concert, eh? (Is that like the time I saw Overkill, Motorhead, and Slayer?)

    I thought I had heard of Legs Diamond, but when I looked them up, nothing seemed familiar. I don’t think I ever saw Alice Cooper. That would have been an experience: a Bob Jones University dropout turn glam/shock rock phenom. Heh.

    They kind of stick with you, too. 🙂

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