Edit much?

1.  This is a site that provides tips and resources to teachers.

2.  This is a site developed by a newspaper for the “Newspapers in Education” program.

3.  Take a look at this screen capture and tell me why my eyes are bleeding.  Thank you.

(If you click on the picture to make it larger, any comments you leave will not be left in the comments section of the post.  I know that is a weird thing, but that’s about all I can figure on this one.)

a aedit


5 thoughts on “Edit much?

  1. I think you clicked on the picture and left the comment:

    Because their grammar sucks worse than a worn out straw? (Especially love the lack of proper grammEr in “Guide to Grammer & Writing).

    Print out a hard copy, correct it all with a red marker, and mail it back to them with a big, fat F at the top of the page. 😉

    That’s the only thing I could surmise. Weird, huh?

  2. NFO
    At first, I thought it was interesting, since I am always looking for teaching resources. Then, I saw that mess. Ugh. I think I was more upset that it was created for teachers by a newspaper. If I had made that mistake, they would have been all over me.

    Stood out like a sore thumb.

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