A little culture…

a amusThis is how I know I am a teacher:  I see kids like this (much like the ones I teach) and I want to cry because I am so proud.  They aren’t even my students, but I get so full of happiness when I see kids doing great things.

I’ve seen and experienced what it is like when a child has the potential to work at a talent and not be allowed, whether it be because of financial circumstances or lack of parent regard for the child’s desire to pursue an art.

I’ve listened to the radio program that accompanies From the Top.  I think it is usually on Saturday mornings or afternoons.  Tonight, I saw the televised version and it made me want to be a mommy.

Isn’t that weird?

Can I adopt these kids?

You can see the particular program I watched HERE.
(It will be worth your time to watch each segment provided via this link.  I think they total about 20 minutes if you watch it all.  If you go to YouTube and search “From the Top at Carnegie Hall,” you’ll find many past performances–if you are interested.)


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