Kick buttedness!

heippa_kaikilleEvery once in a while, for the past few months, Pinboy has been trying his best to get me to do push-ups.  I don’t have a problem with trying them; getting up from the floor is what presented the problem.  Last night, he was gently emphatic that I begin doing push-ups.  I quietly agreed.  So, he told me to get some rest and to mentally prepare myself  (I have to do that with some things and he knows it).

All day long I kept wondering how I would do when I went to the gym.  Frankly, I’d rather think about the gym and be excited about it than dealing with the end-of-the-year stress.

Into the training room we went.  First, I tried push-ups using the platform, since we weren’t sure how I’d get back up.  🙂  That angle was too painful for the fluid I still carry just below my knees.  Pinboy suggested that I just try some ab stuff, since I was pretty much down on the floor, so I did.  I did those really well and then he suggested a full push-up.  I couldn’t do that, but I found a better angle for my knees and I was able to do the push-ups.   I did 20 push-ups and a lot of ab work.

Pinboy doesn’t praise me too often, as I might get too happy with myself.  He’s really nice and everything, but just doesn’t over-do the compliments.  Tonight he told me he was impressed with what I did.  That made me feel good.

Now…to maybe actually really try to write a real post.  Heh.  (One more week, folks.  I will have graded 150 essays by Friday evening:  two class sets, today; two class sets, Thursday; one class set Friday.  YUK!)

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