Hey y’all

heippa_kaikilleSorry about the lack of insightful posts this week (or any week for that matter).

I have my after school duties and the gym and the end of the year stuff going on…I’m a wee bit knackered.

Here’s a God-nod to keep you all going:

Pretty much every time I go to the gym, I pray at some point during the day that I’m able to do what Pinboy wants me to do (without too much whining from me).  Well, today was a really long day and I was just too tired to do anything.  When I got to the gym Pinboy told me that he wanted me to try the treadmill at an incline of 15 at a speed of 3.0.  I haven’t gone above a speed of 2.5.  When I gave him the eye and protested (nicely), he compromised with a less instense warm-up, but a go at his plan the last ten minutes of the 15 minutes he wanted me on the treadmill.  I agreed and into the cardio area we went.  Guess what happened when we got to the treadmills!  They were all taken.  He was beside himself with my luck.  I, of course, being a smarty-pants giggled (knowing of course that he’ll probably kick my butt sooner or later and my victories are short-lived).  So, onto the bike I went.  When Pinboy was laughing about how I got lucky, I told him about how I pray, “Please let me be able to do what “he” wants me to do.”  He said, “I’ll be back.”  He came back at the 14 minute mark.  There was a treadmill open, but he let me hit the 15 minute mark.  When I got off of the bike…no treadmills!  HA!  I then went onto the ellipitical.  Pinboy thinks there is a force not allowing me on the treadmill.   Yes, Pinboy, there is…a very merciful God who hears my prayers.  What?  You think I’m kidding?

Back to the kettle balls tomorrow night.  I’ve been warned.  Heh.

2 thoughts on “Hey y’all

  1. YUP! I received my payback and I even kicked my own butt before I met with my trainer. (I think I’m getting a little addicted to working out.)

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